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Learning languages and meeting people

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Hy, I am interrested in starting a "learn and hanging out goup" for people how are interresed to learn some german and have fun together. I am pretty sure it would be helpful for people how are interrested in learning some german but also for people from Austria to improve their english.

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    I know this is 9 months later, but does this still exist? Please let me know, thanks!

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    hi Im moving to austria in 7 days to be a Au pair!

    Im really looking forward to the job but really want to make some friends and learn a bit of german. Im staying until june in the town of Marchtreck near linz

    if you are running this group anywhere near me then please let me know...or if you know of any people who are in the same situation as me or would like to do a language swap???? please get back to me

    my email is [...]