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Company based in Bulgaria.

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I would like to register a new company in Bulgaria.
I would like to know how, companies are classified according to liability.
For example how is an LLC(=Limited Liability Company), called (in Bulgarian) during registration?
How are the various company types, officially called/spelled in the Bulgarian language?
Thank you!

  • Menj Mustafa Junaid profiljához

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    I am also in the process of purchasing a residential property and once it is done I would like to register a business there for local trading as well as import n export.

    I understand there are a number of products/items which can be exported to other countries and I intend to work on this.


  • Menj Michael Mueller profiljához

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    The easiest way is the EOOD format. Only 2 Leva capital necessary. You need a lawyer, to organize the registration.
    It is relativey easy and takes only a few days.

    When the day comes to close it, you might then need roundabout 9 months and again a lawyer doing
    the complicated process for you. This is much more timeconsuming and more expensive.