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electric blankets

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We have a need for an electric blanket but can't find one in Burgas, can anyony help

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    And last but not least my favourite thread it justs shows the mentality of some people.

    I would just like to take a moment to thank some of those who have been posting on recent threads c concerning steve, you have managed to drag some nice people who have posted on here for what they percieve as honourable intentions to come down into the dross that is where you live and are happy in.


    Not only have you unsuccessfully attempted to ruin someone’s personal and business life but you have successfully managed to cause a rift between at least two members of the ex pat community if not many more.

    Do you not think it is about time you started posting responsibly.

    I for one have decided not to post anything further on this forum I am disgusted with the tactics that are and have been used.

    I hope you are proud of yourselves before you start as war it is always advisable to think of the collateral damage you will cause.

    A lot of rifts were healed by a recent sad event which you managed to make a mockery of by commenting on it. Whatever good will there was that day has now been eroded you should be very proud of yourselves.

    Before I go I will just use a bit of space to thank all my friends for understanding my position and respecting it ,they include Rod, ,Ginny, Jerry, Donna and last but not least Steve.

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    yes a good idea to buy over the internet then you will get them, but I know my friend brought hers at Varna in tecno market last year

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    Hi Brian,
    well I think that it might be quite impossible to find an electric blanket somewhere in Bulgaria. There is no translation, so you might possible have to describe it like a blanket that gets warm ("zatopliashto odealo").
    I think it would be best to order it via the internet ;)

    Good luck with that,