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Traveling alone?

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Is it safe for a woman to travel in Jordan? I'm thinking of planning a trip with my husband - do I need to wear any special clothing like a headscarf? Will I be looked at strangely as a Westerner?

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  • Badie Guy

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    no need to wear headscarf, even Jordanian women dont wear it, and its safe to for a woman to travel in Jordan.

    if you want more info contact me
    have a nice trip

  • khaled al-kaabnah

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    hi sara iam khaled from jordan i will tell u that is nothing to worry about it in jordan iam from madaba--jordan and i work in hotels and see thousend of people came to jordan and enjoy there vication here and its normal for as to see awestern people from usa -canada-europe and all world and about your Q its ok if u come without headcover cause there is alot of jordanian women didnt put it the end i hope u came to jordan and see our amazing country espically petra and deadsea and madaba and alot of jordanian place in peace and rest ...salam sarah