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I need advices about going to quebec with my Quebecois girlfriend. Thanks ;)

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I been dating with a Quebecois since last january, it been hard for us to be together as we live in different countries, until now we been meeting often in Mexico or Canada. But we been spending all our money making our relationship works. We want to make thing works between us by stabilize in one place.

As she still studying her university is impossible for her to come to mexico. So I'm the one who is planning to go there, Im wondering if anybody have been on this situation? I wanna go and find a job that make me sustain my expenses during my time there while she still studying. Im 24, graphic designer and photographer with university studies, I speak english and spanish. Im not sure if i want go and live there, what I'm sure is that I'm wanna live with her where ever in the world, but now the only option is Quebec.

If anybody can help me to know which visa should I apply. And if anybody can tell if having a girlfriend from there would help me to make things more easier. What should i do? I looking to go there as soon as i can.

I really will appreciate any advice

Thank you