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Anyone around Paffendal that Slippery Friday Morning just before Free Mobility?

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Hi everyone,
I am posting this here realizing it's a long shot after all this time but what the heck here it goes.

I slipped and fell in front of the tram at the Paffendal tram station about 3 weeks ago. It was the Friday (28/2) after the snow fall the day before, around 8 in the morning, it was icy and slippery everywhere. I was not the only person at the ER that day with a fracture, I can tell you that heh.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, midway through physical therapy for a broken elbow and injured fist, I was wondering if anyone maybe saw my fall that day? I was the dude in the long blue winter jacket, with brown blonde hair and a beard.

If you remember anything, please PM me. Thanks a lot. Take care, everyone, stay safe.