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I'm looking for a flat for rent!!! now!!!

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I'm looking for a flat with 2bedrooms for rent. I'll arrive at 26thApril with my friend and we stay 6month!
We looking for it at Sliema , St Julians and this area..
Budget: 400euro/month/flat

If you know something or know anybody who help me , please send me an email!:

Thank you!!!!

  • Maria Gloria Camilleri

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    if you're interested in it pm me please :)

  • Pal Patrik Tarcza

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    Szivesen segitek, ha gondolod.


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    Hello, I am Fara, the room that I was renting remains free, from April 22. Swieqi, (Paceville)
    If you are interested in we can remain in Paceville. The room is very big, in an apartment bonio and wide. It has intermet and all quite.
    My number is: 793-43-237
    Two more persons share the apartment, they are from Spain.
    I wait for its news.