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Tuscany (Toscana)

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I am hoping to move to Tuscany in Dec or Jan. My Italian boyfriend who lives in Verona now, is moving there. I am an American, have a BS degree, only speak English (trying hard at Italian), and would like information about Tuscany... any information is great...

I'm going to look for work of course...willing to do pretty much any work...great with kids...not afraid to get hands dirty...very smart...thinking of teaching conversational English.

Does anyone know if it's possible to stay in Italy if I marry? Would I have to return to America first? =( hope not.

Come on and tell me what you know of the area! =)


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  • Dorka Kovács

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    Hi Lori!
    I'm Dorka from Hungary and I would like to move to Tuscany as soon as possible. My boyfriend also wants to move there and we have 2 dogs.
    I speak english,but my grammar is not OK and I speak spanish (a liitle bit) :)
    I would like information about Tuscany, any information is good.
    I'm going to look for work of course willing to do pretty much any work. I'm secretary , but I would like to work with animals or flowers or kids ... around a house .... (I'm teacher of geography but I'secretary now) I 'm not afraid to get hands dirty.
    We have a plan: wedding at Tuscany and we would like to live there. We haven't got any kids.
    My boyfriend is policeman in Hungary but he would like to work anything in Tuscany.
    So we would like to rent a house (or room) and find a job!
    Can You help me? Any information or phone numbers or e-mail or ...
    Come on and tell me what you know of the area!
    Thanks a lot and I hope You are OK and have happy life in Tuscany!