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Should I be careful while dating a Russian girl?

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I know that a lot of Russian girls are just looking for a foreigner for his money and to get the possibility to move to another country.
I also know that kind of girls is a minority (fortunatly!) so how can I know if the intentions of a girl are good or not?

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  • Olga Lisovskaya

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    my ex. also from Morocco and im agree with you about people there. And about what said Robert. Of course you can coming in Russia but when men from the Internet ask me help with visa and stay in my house im also worry. Maybe this man look for way for have easily visa or look for sex tour. I saw it few times when i told man -sorry you can coming but stay in hotel those men change opinion and dont want go in Russia.

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    Its we the russian girl has to be careful about dating the arabs guy!My ex husband was from Morocco,bad country with bad people and stuped traditions.All time I lived in his family in Agadir,Morocco was like horror.

  • Menj hacha moha profiljához

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    bien sur c est difficille au debut de savoir surtout pour qlqu un qui connais pas la langue russe,mais au debut il faut venir ici en russie(etre sur place) pour connaittre mieux votre future femme, faut aumoins vivre qlques semaines ensembles,
    de l autre cote il y a plusieurs femmes qui sont tres serieux vraiment,mais malheuresement c est filles la,ne traine pas souvents sur le net ou dans les sites datings

  • Robert MacDonald

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    Sometimes, as one woman with a Russian dating site pointed out, the woman you are corresponding with isn't the girl of your dreams but a sweaty old fat man that is hunting for dollars. If she asks for money to pay for a visa, plane ticket, to help someone, be aware that it's probably all phoney baloney.

    With a little ingenuity you can verify that someone is actually who she say she is. If your looking for marriage, or just want to see things clearer, fly to Russia. Make sure that your future bride can return with you to France before you act.

    My Russian wife and I have lived in St Petersburg since 2000. There is good and bad about Russia and the Russian personality. My blog will explain a lot of this at

    Bon chance,

    Robert MacDonald aka Robbie

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    You should be careful and pay attention to little things and details which the girl says and which aсcent she did. Sometimes it is hard to understand the real intentions so will be better to meet her in Russia in advance to know better. There are a lot of good polite woman in Russia with intentions of creating family and the one thing they want that man support future family -try to understand this idea too (cause woman want be sure in man of her dream and father of her future children))