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I'm living in Holland, my husband is working in Panama. In a few weeks a will travel to Panama (again) and stay a few weeks.
I'm looking for a school, teacher or some place to improve my Spanish meanwhile.

Can somebody give my an advise ?


  • Marjo Tellez Rodriguez

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    Hey @marloesvos!

    What's up? I just wanted to share my own experience with you. If you travel a lot, and even work abroad this may help you a lot .. Check out this website (Moneytis) that compares ALL money transfer solutions.

    Hope it will help all of you guys!
    Marjo :D

  • Menj David Gold profiljához

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    My name is David, I am the director of Casco Antiguo Spanish School. We are located in Panama City's Old Quarter, and offer flexible private, in-home, in-office, and small-group Spanish classes, language immersion, and volunteer experiences. We have private lesson from just $13/hr as well as a free Spanish Conversation Group on Saturdays. All welcome! Feel free to contact us at [...] or 228 3258 or visit for more info.

  • Menj Mag Cant profiljához

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    professor Basilia Benalcazar is very good. She has experience and had worked with big companies teaching Spanish for foreigners...She is not greedy as schools..[...]

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    if you want a class in spanish i do , cel is 507 6908 me and i can help you with pleasure.. also ik praat nederlands goed ..

  • Jean-Louis Chaumont

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    Necesito practicar mi español para desbloquear mi cerebro

  • Improving spanish

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    Hello Jean-Louis,

    you can also contact us to ask for spanish courses info at [...] or call +507 391.4044


  • Jean-Louis Chaumont


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    I have to improve my spanish too :)

  • danke

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    wenn Sie Hilfe brauchen aqui estoy :)

  • Menj Marloes Vos profiljához

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    Thnx Iran, I send an email to your friend already

  • Menj Marloes Vos profiljához

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    Thnx for reply, Luis