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Good day to all forum members,

My name is Reed Hapke. I am writing you because my wife and I are looking into moving to Tanzania in a couple years. Before we make a big move, we're doing a little research. I've been trying to contact local realtors since I figured they would have some good information, but I've yet to hear from any. I'm going this route.

To start, I am a certified Secondary Education teacher. I currently teach 9th grade English in the United States Virgin Islands. My wife is currently in Nursing School, but will be completing her studies this May. She will work for a full year to gain some experience before we move.

Based on these professions (teacher/nurse) do you know what the average salary would be? That would determine our budget. Are these jobs relatively easy to secure?

Right now we've got a 16 month old son, but by the time we make our move (2 years), there's a chance we have another child.

Our main question is the cost of living. Just based on the home rental prices we see they are comparable or cheaper to what we are use to. What is the general cost of living? Would we be able to live comfortably on a teacher and nurse's salary? Is there anything specific we should know or plan before we make our move?

I very much appreciate your time as I know this is a long message. Any information or links to any websites would be extremely helpful. I thank you for your time and look forward to hearing back from you.


Reed Hapke

  • Edith Deloach

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    Tanzania is full of nature, I really love to see such open area and People are really great.

  • pius mabulla

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    You are welcome Sir!!

  • Reed Hapke

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    Thanks for all the help. I appreciate all the information. I'll have to look around at some schools for myself and hospitals for my wife. I think if we can get jobs we'll make our move.

  • pius mabulla

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    Well, the cost of living in Dar ES salaam its different from one place to another, for example you can get the a House, with 3 bedrooms including 1 master, guest toilet, kitchen, sitting & dinning room for just $ 200 - $350 per month, and here we pay per 6 month to 12 month, it depends..

    Food its about $250 to 350 per 1 month for you, your wife with little kids.

    Electrical & Water bills its about $45 per 1 month...

    Means the normally cost of living is about $500 to $750 per 1 month, so the cost will depend with Locations around the City, also your life Style.....

    The Secondary Teacher and Nursing Salaries its like the same here, but it depends also, for example the Teacher who is teaching in Privet Schools, they have paid more Salary to compare with Government schools Teachers, its the same also in Government Hospitals and private Hospitals...

    The Salary also depends with your Education level, for the Degree level its about $500 - $1000 even more for private Schools, but it depends also with that Secondary school, for the Government schools its less than that Salary..

    Nursing about $300 - $700 even more for the private Hospitals, for the Government Hospitals its less than that Salary.

    English is my Third language so I'm not good on it, but I hope you got the idea...

    By the way there's a lot of opportunities here in Tanzania, and you don't need to have more Capital, but for you its good to employee your self, then you can let your wife to be employeed....

    If you can be interesting give me a message and I can give you some idea!
    +255714417641 my WhatsApp.

  • Reed Hapke

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    I think we would be looking at Dar Es Salaam. We're looking to be near a hospital for my wife. I don't mind a little travel to my work.

    I should probably ask about child care as well. As I said, by the time we move there we'll have a (almost) four year old and probably another little one. I'm just wondering how much it will cost to have the kids looked after.

    Thank you so much for the reply. Looking forward to your response.

    Reed Hapke

  • pius mabulla

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    Hello Reed hapke!
    I'm a Tanzania Citizen who is living in Dar ES salaam, I can help you for what are you asking for, about the Salary of Nurses/Teachers, lem do some researche.

    About the cost of living I can help if you tell me, in which region you wish to settle down, coz cost of living its different, between one region to another.