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Have you just joined our community? Then take a couple of minutes to introduce yourself to our other members in the world community!

Who are you, where do you live - and why have you joined the Just Landed community? What do you expect to do here, and how can we improve the community?

We hope you enjoy the Just Landed as much as we do!

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  • Temel Atacocugu

    hozzászóló:  itt Új-Zéland fórum 


    I have got my Residency and will be arriving in New Zealand in September 2009. I will be coming with my kiwi wife and sons. I am looking for new friends and anybody orginally form Turkey.

  • Asim mughal

    hozzászóló:  itt Új-Zéland fórum 

    Alia....................can i have your email ID please?

    you can send it to my email address ([...])

    take care


  • Asim mughal

    hozzászóló:  itt Új-Zéland fórum 


    this is mirza asim from Pakistan. Working in islamabad and planning to move to New zealand. I have started my process of Immigration in skilled migrant category and hopefully it would be done.

    i can be reached on [...]

    take care


  • Menj Kévin SANOU profiljához

    hozzászóló:  itt Új-Zéland fórum 

    I 'm from Burkina Faso, a french speaking country in West africa. I'm, specialized for the publics markets managing systemes. I am in charge of the Publics markets services as the chief officer.

    I learn English as foreign language that I like very much. I would like to master the use of this language as a native speaker. English is the best key for business makers, travellers and so on.

    I am a new comer at Justlanded where I hope to meet friends and business contacts. I like friendships and learning in touch with the others.

    One of my dreams is to create my own association which will provide water and energy sources in the rurales areas of Burkina Faso. I'm expecting to meet some people who share the same dream and wanted to help me to reach this goal.

    It will be a real pleasure for me to share my knowledge and to receive from the others.

    Thank a lot for the efforts that you undertake every day in order to sustain this site.

    Kévin Z. S.

  • Promise nneoma

    hozzászóló:  itt Új-Zéland fórum 


    Can we exchange mail?my email is [...]

  • Menj simith mike profiljához

    hozzászóló:  itt Új-Zéland fórum 

    Hello friends,
    I am from China.

  • hozzászóló:  itt Új-Zéland fórum 

    hi i m Alia i m 24 years old, i m from Tunisia in south of Africa, i ve joined this community to meet new freind from all over the world and discover other country

    i think it s interresting to meet freinds and to share informations and i try to improve my englisg i don t speak english very well i m better in Frensh it s easier for me

    nice to meet evry body

  • Sepide D

    hozzászóló:  itt Új-Zéland fórum 

    I'm Sepide,I live in Iran and have joined this community to meet new friends from all over the world to share ideas,experience,fun,information,... with them.
    also,i'd like to gain more information about other countries in the world and i think you in justlanded have done a good job in introducing them.i must say that i appreciate your effort
    I'm looking for all that are interested in making friends in order to exchange language,culture,opinions and information.

  • Menj srinivas k profiljához

    hozzászóló:  itt Új-Zéland fórum 


    my name is srinivas k,, i live in india,and i joined this community cause i want to meet people around the world....

    u can add me in my orkut [...] all,,^^

  • Pepito Pippo

    hozzászóló:  itt Új-Zéland fórum 

    Hi and good Morning,

    If you like to be my pal via email. Sent me an email to [...] & tell me more about you.
    Sorry but i am not able to call everybody via telephone.
    I am just writing emails.

    Thanks for your understanding.

    Greetings from Germany