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An online ticket booking system is a piece of software used for reservation management. It allows travel and hospitality businesses to accept bookings online and manage mobile and personal bookings in a better way. Online booking and reservation systems can be easily integrated into your website or even social media page. Bus Ticket Booking System is an automated system for purchasing online bus tickets. This system keeps the record of passengers' details as per each bus schedule. You can also set seat availability, schedule routes, and upload interactive seat maps to assist customers pick out their preferred seats.

5 features of a bus ticket booking system

The online ticket booking system offers a dashboard that the admin can use to manage everything that the ticketing process entails. The dashboard is packed is essential features that make the whole ticketing process safe and flawless. Here are 5 features that help the admin to manage the ticketing process and other related tasks effortlessly.

1. Reservation information

The reservation quotation is a significant process that helps both the admin and the customer confirm the ticket reservation soundly.
The admin of the bus ticketing software can gather customer information and reservation details before confirming the ticket purchase.
The reservation details entail starting point, destination, seat quantity, seat position, fare, etc. The admin can then store this information in the system and distribute it to the agents as necessary.

2. Agent management

The bus ticket booking system allows the admin to manage the inferior agents as well. Supervising counter agents, controlling and monitoring their tasks, etc. are some of the main advantages that the system provides. One of its facilities is that the system helps the admin to allow certain privileges to the users based on their tasks such as letting them access some modules and changing its properties. By using the bus ticketing system, the admin can create, and update the schedules of the users as well.

3. Schedule Management
Creating schedules for buses, selecting routes, updating the routine, etc. can be difficult if you don’t have the online bus ticket booking system in your possession. But with the advanced system, you can manage even the most complex routine smoothly. The dashboard allows the super-user to easily schedule departure time, arrival time, and routes of the buses.

4. Easy Payment Transfer

With the excellent payment transfer feature of the CW ticketing system, the admin can transfer payments from various sources to the bank or the counters as needed.

5. Report Analysis

At the end of the day, you need to check the reports of your company to assess how it’s growing. The online bus ticket booking system enables easy report checking for the admin so the company can evaluate the current methods and adopt necessary strategies to boost the business.