A Musical Journey


Glenn Gould Studio

250 Front Street West, Toronto, Ontario M5V 3G5, Canada Map

Embark on a Musical Journey: A Fusion of Classical Elegance and Popular Melodies
The Ontario Pops Orchestra (OPO) is elated to announce a uniquely musical Journey. Prepare to be transported through a captivating fusion of classical elegance and popular melodies at the upcoming concert, "A Musical Journey." Presented by The Ontario Pops Orchestra, this unique musical experience is set to mesmerize audiences on Saturday, March 2 at 8 pm at Glenn Gould Studio at 250 Front Street West, Toronto.
Featuring a seamless blend of timeless classical compositions and beloved contemporary tunes, "A Musical Journey" promises an enchanting evening for music enthusiasts of all ages. Renowned musicians maestro Carlos Bastidas, wonderful singer Eleanor McCain, powerful vocal of baritone singer Andrew Adridge and dazzling show of the Graham Irish Dancers will grace the stage, weaving together a tapestry of melodies that traverse eras and genres.
Audiences can anticipate an exhilarating performance that celebrates the universal language of music, where the sophistication of classical pieces harmoniously converges with the familiar charm of popular songs. This concert is poised to captivate hearts and evoke emotions, offering a harmonious escapade through the rich tapestry of musical expression.
Tickets for this extraordinary musical experience are available at www.ontariopops.com,
When: Saturday, March 2, 2024, at 8 pm
Where: Glenn Gould Studio at 250 Front Street West, Toronto. Concert hall in the CBC building.
Tickets: Buy Ticket $30 at: www.ontariopops.com
Join us for "A Musical Journey," a concert that promises an unforgettable evening of musical brilliance, on Saturday March 2nd. Experience the magic as classical and popular music unite in a symphony of melodies, captivating and delighting all in attendance.

Tickets: https://go.evvnt.com/2200304-0?pid=5072

Category: Live Music | Classical

General Admission: CAD 30.00

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