Kwepunha: West African Waves | And the Changing Tides of Surf in Liberia, September 20, Viff Centre


VIFF Centre – Vancity Theatre and Studio Theatre

1181 Seymour Street, Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 3N3, Canada Map

Join us on September 20th to watch two award winning surf films from West Africa - Sliding Liberia (2021 remastered) and Big Wata. During this interactive evening you'll see epic Atlantic coast waves, learn about Liberia's tumultuous history and feel the resilience of its people.

Hosting the evening is Landis Wyatt from Vancouver's Universal Outreach Foundation. Landis has been surfing and working in Liberia for 14 years and, via video, she'll introduce you to some of the top local surfers. They've grown up on the waves and want to share their dream of developing a global surf community.

This evening of surf, history and hope is being held at the Vancouver International Film Festival theatre at 1181 Seymour Street in downtown Vancouver.

Great giveaways of Liberian and Canadian made products will go on throughout the evening to those that can answer the skill testing surf questions!


General Admission: CAD 18.0

Category: Arts | Visual Arts | Film / Cinema

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