The Cumbria Virtual Way Ultra 2020


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Cumbria Virtual Way Ultra 2020

This is an opportunity to virtually run, walk, stagger or crawl the 73 or 30 miles of the Cumbria Way Ultra or Cumbria Way Ultra 30 routes over 10 days, either as a single 73 mile or 30 mile run or a series of shorter distances totalling 73/30 miles.

We will be following current UK Government guidelines regarding exercise for the period of the 'race'. As this is a virtual event, we are relying on participants' 'honesty' (more on that later) to log your miles, whether run/walked in the great outdoors or on a treadmill, as accurately as possible, and have some much needed fun along the way.

The event starts at Midnight on Thursday 10th September and ends at Midnight on Saturday 20th September. Participants have a maximum of 10 days to complete either the 73 mile or 30 mile distances.

Now for the techy bit or 'how will it work?'

You can complete the total 73 mile distance in a single, continuous run/walk (to do so enter the CWU Oner category) or choose to break down the total 73 mile event distance to run/walk one checkpoint at a time (enter the CWU CP category).

On Thursday September 10, 2020 at 11:59 pm (ends Sunday September 20, 2020 at 11:59 pm)


Category: Sports / Leisure | Running

Entry starts from: GBP 15.0

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