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Stefanie Wilhelm
 Stefanie Wilhelm
I am a Silkpainter which can mean a lot of luggage, laugh I feel lucky to have seen many cities in Europe, lived in Germany, (My roots are German) further in England, two years Austria and spend a little bit of time in Greece and Central Mexico. Now just a little further, meaning Costa Rica. I love the Sea and do not want to live anymore anywhere where there is no Sea. I'd love to learn Sailing, in my twenties I was Sailing a little bit but my social life changed in other directions. Non smoker, love good healthy food - low carb not fully veggie prefer fish to meat but hey a good Steak is a good Steak! Love to travel and I enjoy especially my Silk Art Group, for which I am always looking for great contacts. Sponsors welcome! I am pretty active in facebook. If I do not talk, paint do some Marketing, sleep, cook/eat or do a little Tai Chi ... I am probably in Wonderland thinking of new Poetry. Always in love with someone or something... Love is life! Why am I here? Looking forward to expand my contacts in Spain to exchange information, perhaps Network and have fun.Most likely soon I switch back to Europe Spain is my first choice.Ideally Valencia or Barcelona. (I am looking for jobs) lets see where life is taking me next.
Barcelona (Spain)
German, English
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Costa Rica, Vienna, Barcelona


Érdeklődési kör:
Chi Gong is a great thing and being on the Water too - but I have no Boat... ;)
Kedvenc zenészek:
Jazz, some Indian Music (Alokesh Chandra, Anoushka Shankar), sometimes Opera, some classical. some chillout, some Pop LOL it depends!
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Often British
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South American Writers
Dolgok, amiket szeretek:
SILKPAINTING !!! Nuts for it and Tai Chi / Chi Gong
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Why hate? Wasted energy. Hate is fear!
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Reed Exhibition / Austria (Vienna) Barcelona, Sellbytel / HP
Sales - Exhibition
Interior Design, Hotel industries, Tourist/Eventmanagement, Chauffeur driving(Germany only)
Currently employed with touch of Freelance
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Stately qualified Dietician - old life! -I have worked in Gastronomy, Hotel Industries, (mainly Reception/Reservation) worked in Sales both Outdoor and Indoor in England, Germany & Austria, Lots of Customer Service, both Employed and selfemployed, Freelance...