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    I think my reply to you last night did not get through. My visit to Hainan on the 23rd August is to enquire about the registration of a company and also to look for a potential business location in Wenchang or Haikou. I would prefer Wenchang because it it nearer to my ancestor home which is in one of the villages call golden mountain (Kim Tuah) in english near the district of QingLan.
    I would like to also visit Hainan in March, 2012. Would like to meet up with you while in Hainan.
    My intention is to run a small business to keep myself occupied and also to maintain to my daily expenses. My cousin wanted me to be involve in his prawn aquaculture business but I am not too keen in this venture. A number of my relative are also involve in this business.
    Back in Malaysia I use to owned a ofset printing business and also a stationery shop. I have sold all my businesses three years ago.
    Hope we can meet each other in the very near future.
    Many blessings,
    Tony Tan (email add. : [...])

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