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Dear Everybody!

I wonder if somebody could tell me some information about living expenses at Hainan. Im planning to go for study to china, and im hesitating between Haikou and Hangzhou.
Are there any foreigners? (if yes, approx. how many?)

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    hi Cinstatine, i am presently studying here in this island. and i witness te price here is getting higher compared with before.but think this situation is nationwide. While compared with hangzhou, as most of chinese we all know that living expenses in hangzhou can be high.

    here in haikou, if you want to rent an better-furnished-apart outside, would cost around 1000rmb per month,but you can get much cheap if you want just a place to sleep.or u can live in the dorm, which can be much cheaper.
    for food here, can be around 7rmb for one meal if you eat in the campus. outside it depends on wat kind of place you go to eat.

    yes there are foreigners here but not many.but would be easier for u to find some in the uni.

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    I know of someone in Haikuo who can help you with the information you sought. If you can send me a private message, I will give you his contact. It is not prudent to
    flash his contact info in this forum

    boh tuan

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