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Are walk-ins welcome? (English teacher moving down south)

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Hello folks. I have been living abroad and teaching English for the past few years. At the moment I'm in Beijing, and I know I must leave before I freeze in winter. I've been applying to schools in Haikou, but the positions that haven't been taken want face to face interviews close to Hainan. Is this generally the case? I'm serious about moving there, but I'm worried about spending a month in a hostel job hunting. I had to do this when I moved to Beijing, and I'm dreading a repeat.
Could any of you spare some advice on finding English teaching jobs on your island, or, better yet, give me some contact information for legitimate recruiters in the area? Thanks. See you soon.

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    hi Kevin, and as far as i concern, here most of the school would like to have a face to face interview or a teaching test before to give u an offer.
    and as you are American and got experience, think it can earn you adventage in finding an English teaching job.
    just found this and you may try:, or some other ads that wouldnt be too hard to find online, but maybe better to try with typing chinese.

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