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Documentary on moving abroad

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My name is Mark Stuart Bell and I work for MCC Media. We are currently producing a documentary on people who move abroad for work or for a different way of life, and we are looking to speak with people moving from the UK to Poland.

If you would be able to speak with me about your move abroad, please contact me at:


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    Maybe you have a problem with finding a good job? Lerdant agency will help you find the best 😊

  • Pergi ke profil Angie Likaa

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    Hello from an international student. I am from Ukraine, but now my study place is School of Management and Marketing in Sochaczew. Such a great opportunity to study abroad I have because of Free-Apply web. It`s cool web for students who want to study abroad. Also, on this web I have found help with my documents. I highly recommend it to you. So, now I really happy that I am studying in School of Management and Marketing in Sochaczew. It`s really good place. Good luck!

  • Jennifer Daly

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    Hello my name is Jennifer and I and my husband travel all over the world because he teaches American football. It is a very exciting experience for us both.

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