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Getting our teeth fixed in NZ - cheaper than in the US?

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Anyone gone to NZ for dental work because it's cheaper?

  • Waseef  al-Dalla

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    There are some dentists there that can be cheaper than the US because of the coverage that it provides there value wise. There are some dentists in the US who do not completely treat you and get more money from you with more treatments. From experience, NZ is the better value pick because of the dentists themselves who love to treat you completely without any other expense.

  • Pergi ke profil kevin ocallaghan

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    Expensive is relative, of course. If I spend $5000 in the US, or $5000 in NZ, the NZ work will come to half price. And I lived there for 15 years and found the work ok. Any further thoughts?

  • Pergi ke profil Dillon Granger

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    No. Dental work in NZ is expensive and isn't that great a quality. It's the old maxim - you get what you pay for.

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