Building a Growth Mindset & Cultivating Resilience (Teen Girls & Parents)


Powerhouse Museum, Harris St

500 Harris Street, Ultimo NSW 2007, Australia Peta

Conquering Fear. Creating Resilience. Cultivating a Growth Mindset.
(Parent and Daughter event)

Building Resilience and fostering a Growth Mindset is KEY to raising well rounded, happy and fulfilled girls.
But... What is Resilience? How do we measure it and what does it look like?
How do we create a Growth Mindset? How do we raise an iGen (Gen Z) Teen Girl to be able to realise her own potential?

Join us on this highly interactive, information packed event, where we share the strategies your daughter needs to realise her potential and what YOU can do immediately to help your daughter succeed

All event attendees and Girl Ready Tribe Members will have access to the Driven Resilience Assessment at a discounted rate and the first 50 tickets receive it FREE! An awesome way to measure your level of resilience and continuing growth - for every family member!An event for any parent/ grandparent/ career with a daughter aged 12 - 19 years of age.

Hands on and interactive seminar where you will leave with actual strategies for building resilience and cultivating a growth mindset.

Give your daughter the gift of resilience and the ability to growth through challenges to be able to thrive.

A catered lunch is INCLUDED in this ticket price

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On Saturday March 16, 2019 at 10:00 am (ends 4:00 pm)

Category: Kids / Family


Early Bird w/ FREE Resilience Assess RRP$60: AUD 75.00
General Admission - ALL tickets include LUNCH: AUD 75.00
Resilience BUNDLE ($25 Resilience Assess RP$60: AUD 99.00

Venue: Powerhouse Museum, Harris St, 500 Harris Street, Ultimo, 2007



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