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Are you passionate about making a difference?
This online event gives you the opportunity to explore your dream field of study wherever you are located around the world.
Get ready to meet leading international universities on your computer or mobile device and find out more about their best graduate programmes by connecting online.
What to expect from this online event?
• Meet with the admissions directors of reputable graduate schools in real time, including Syracuse University, University of Pittsburgh, Kozminski University, Nottingham Trent, Maastricht University and more.
• Win discounts for a TOEFL/ IELTS/ GRE/ GMAT course
• Explore Masters programmes in Finance, Management, Marketing, Science, Engineering, and more
What makes a Masters degree valuable?
International studies will give you the qualification for a dream graduate job and the confidence to make a difference in your field. Choose the Masters programme that will help you acquire all the qualities employers are looking for.
Take the first step by discussing your preferences for schools and programmes directly with admissions directors. They look forward to meeting you online!
One-to-One Masters event by Access Online
10 December & 14 January
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