Second Sunday Showcase


Planet of the Tapes

640 Barret Avenue, Louisville, Kentucky 40204, United States Peta

Join Louisville Laughs as we takes over Planet of the Tapes with a showcase of some of our favorite comics in the region.

The show features veteran Tim Northern, who has made people laugh across the country, performed on Star Search and Last Comic Standing and has a comedy festival named for him.

Also on the show are comics Nolan Miller from Indianapolis and Jerrel Beamon from Dayton, Ohio, along with Louisville comics Alex Whittenburg, Hillary Boston, Jake Hovis, Jen Cooper and Kimberly Freeman.

Planet of the Tapes is a combined comedy theater, full service bar, cinema lounge and movie rental venue that you will love.

Tickets are sold by the table to ensure the safety of all the guests - $20 for a table that seats up to three, $25 for a table that seats up to four and $30 for a table that seats up to six.

The venue opens at 6 p.m., and the show starts at 7:30.

Table of 3 - Second Sunday Showcase: USD 20.00,
Table of 4 - Second Sunday Showcase: USD 25.00,
Table of 6 - Second Sunday Showcase: USD 30.00

Category: Arts | Performing Arts | Comedy

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