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Car registration in Innsbruck

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Hello everybody, I just bought a car to keep in Innsbruck where I am currently living. I would like to know if I have to inform some office in Innsbruck (and which one) that i am keeping a car here and if I have to pay something!
Thank you very much!

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    Hello Enrica,
    if you live in Innsbruck permanently (that is, you spend more than 6 months there), you need to register your residence in Austria and also register your car there.
    On the other hand, if Innsbruck is only your secondary residence (that is, you spend 183 days per year or more in Italy), you may register your car in Italy and bring it to Austria without notifying the Austrian authorities. In that case, you should be aware that you may not lend your car to an Austrian.
    The rules are strict, but there are some exceptions for students and cross-border workers, see here (in Italian :-)):

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