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About a decadent european union society and the effects on our ego

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Sexuality (in terms of male and female sexual exploration) is the most important in a society where the collective ego is in strong decrease and this may eventually lead to the departure of the members to a new identity that stimulates egoboost.I think we're close forced to live in a society that is forced to adopt an ego collapsed from a more elaborate society maneuvers that dominate and manipulate our own society to remain so.In this union of states less friendly or enemy we are driven by one step lower vibration of our ego deliberately to obey more easily and manipulate us and divide .In consequency appeared a large current anti EU by new entrants Probably you saw on TV how whistle Barosso.We are heading in the wrong direction in the EU and a more independent position is more favorable for own citizens and best example is Turkey who turn back to EU because they have a better prosperity outside EU.. This will happen with european union washing machine money,EU will break at each end and not at the center or north as has been said.I hope you understand what I wrote about ego role in a society where moral and a low self-esteem people need to cling to something that will make them continue to love life and live happily.This is valable only for people between 14 to 60 because after 60 years people search for a diffrent perpesctive maybe more spiritual close to religion.European Union is a colection of eclectic states with big diffrencies in personality and character for example in germanic nordic world you can put very well people beside like a army without interfiering with strong personalities and the character is bigger in north that in south.In south personality is more expansive and they can not work as well as nordic like a compact group who achieve easily a comun goal and try to get it.If we can not recognise this diffrencies and work with them we never can create a true union.

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