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Shipping packages from the Us to Brazil, turnaround time?

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Hi all,
or should I say "oi a todos", sorry, just learning Portuguese. Anyway, I'm not Brazilian but do want to learn more about the country, culture and Portuguese language. But for now I'm just trying to get information on the Postal Service there, it's reliability etc. I ask because I have very dear friend living there and sent her a package with several gifts on 1/2/2020. I sent it through the U.S. Postal Service priority Mail, the USPS gave a delivery estimate of 10 days. Problem is, on 1/6 I got an email from USPS tracking saying that the package was now being held in customs in Rio de Janeiro and no other emails after that. After doing a Google search, I read where it took approximately 4 months for some people to get their packages after they learned it was being held by customs. Can you please tell me, is this normal? Does this happen with most or all packages sent there? The friend I refer to also said there is also a problem with theft and some packages don't make it to their destinations at all. Can you all confirm this? The package was insured so at least I'm covered there but I would like to get these gifts to my friend, again, she is a very dear friend. Any other suggestions on how to send parcels from the US to Brazil are greatly appreciated, thanks! Obrigado!!


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    Hi Dan,
    Hopefully your friend has now received her package or the parcel has been returned to source. Sometimes a small fee is required to be paid (R$10) to the postal service to release the package. This bill can be found online. As you would expect from Brasil there is no hard or fast set of rules as public services are a complete mess but this sometimes is a solution. Ultimately your package is insured by the courier service but everything is still a headache. Boa sorte,

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