• Searching for my Godparents

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    Hi Anne

    When is was trying to track my roots down in Cyprus I contacted the Cypriot Embassy in London and they gave me the contact details for the local town offices and after some fishing around I got the offices for birth death & marriages also try contacting the local priest you should be able to get from the local town offices, also a tip try to see if any other younger family are around as might more up to date records, as after the invasion in a lot of records and people went missing there is office that has some records ask the Cypriot Embassy.
    Cypriot Embassy in London
    13 St Jame's Square
    London SW1Y 4LB.
    Tel: 020 7321 4100

    Also try the Cyprus Government Web Portal

    Hope this is of some help and if I can help let know hope you find your Godparents soon let me know how you get on as I do have some contacts in Cyprus and Cypriot friends in the UK.


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