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Electrical Engineer with excellent experience dreamed of working in South Korea

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Hello, nice to meet you all .My name is Bahaa Jassim .I'm Iraqi and I'm an engineer this is my daughter's account so I use it . I hope people can help me to find job in south korea because it is one of my dreams and my ambitions to get a better life for my family especially for my daughter which is characterized by high intelligence that I would like to live in a developed society such as Korean society that nurtures the mind and makes geniuses of all disciplines.
I am an electrical engineer and I have a very high experience in my field and I speak excellent Arabic and English fluently .
Please for those who want to help me text me on
e-mail: [...]
and this is little thing about me and I'm going to send my C.V to any one want to help me
B.Sc. degree in electrical engineering / Baghdad university.
Level : medium./ the average is 65.9
Sequence :13 out of 92 graduates
Year of graduation : 1988 -1989 .
1-Two years of experience in electronic designing in the engineering contracting private sector .
2-Three years of experience in maintenance and repair of the sonic in the ministry of health , ministry of information , and private sector .
3- Transferring and distribution electrical energy for building , houses , factories ,shops at the same foundations in the private sector .
4- Maintenance and repair electrical systems of modern cars in government sector and private sector .
5- Install and maintenance of personal computer in private sector .
6- Maintenance of computer monitors (CRT,LCD) type in the same circles in private sector .
7- Four years of experience maintenance of medical systems of the Baghdad hospitals and health centers in government sector .
8- Two years of experience maintenance of electronic boards
(photocell, locomotive electronic board,…etc) in private sector.
9- Maintenance of electronic control board of digital machines (CNCmachine ) in government sector.
10- Two years of experience in designing and making battery charge automatic- multi- capacity 12 & 24 volt with current limit, in private sector.
11- Four years of experience in maintenance of laboratory devices ( power supply , function generator, oscilloscope, digital AVO meter, SWR meter ,RLC meter, X-RAY generator,… etc .in government sector.
12- Two years of experience in designing and making of security systems of houses and buildings ,etc...,. in private sector.
13- four years of experience in designing and making control boards of dieselgenerator in government and private sector.
14- three years of experience in maintenance of generating units of electricity operating with disel in the embassy of Qatar .
15- Three years of experience in developing electronic and electrical systemsof Spain and Japan train in Iraq in government sector.
16- Designing and making system control board of auto lighting in privatesector.
17-Maintenance of PLC control system like SCADA and SIEMENS in government sector .
18- Four years of experience in installation and maintenance of satellite (DvB) in private sector.
19- four years of experience in water treatment projects in mayoralty of Baghdad government sector .

Note: My experience began in 1989 and until now and I still aspire to work in one of the major companies.

Scientific qualification :

Program of electronic engineering designs (E.W.B.) .-1
Program of designing electronic systems, (Mat. Lab.). 2-
3-Windows office program .

With sincere thanks and appreciation for anyone who wants to help me
Eng.Bahaa Jassim

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