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Help to Handle Business Transactions

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I started a new company in UAE and i need help to handle business transactions and drafting. Please suggest me some of the best corporate lawyers in the region.

  • Vai al profilo di Abdul kaddir

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    I have heard a lot about them, they are very professional.

  • Vai al profilo di jerry sam

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    Hi Hanna,

    Recently, I started a company in Dubai. I was worried as who will handle the business transaction and drafting work. A friend of mine suggested Ibrahim Al Banna Advocates. They have a big team of experienced corporate lawyers who deals with formation and operation of companies and businesses. They provide strategic legal advice and services to the companies and corporate entities. For more information visit their website, I think their website is

  • Vai al profilo di Hamna J

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    Hi there Hanna,

    Please, could you elaborate more about the type of business that you have started. In my area there is one law firm named AlSaadi Advocates. They are mainly specialized in Corporate and family Laws. I think, you can consult them.

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