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Visiting the famous church in Ulm

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Is the famous "Ulmer Münster" worth visiting? I heard it has the highest church tower in Europe and it would be a cool thing climbing it up and enjoy the view!
Anyone of you has ever been there/is planning to go there?


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    Thanks for your reply Julia! It sounds really great, but I still don't know if it's worth travelling there just for this church...especially as I'm going to be in Germany in winter and don't know yet what the weather will be like!

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    Hey Adele,

    I've been in Ulm a few times and I can say the Münster is definitely worth a visit! If you managed to climb the countless stairs ;) you will have a great view over the whole city!
    If you want to climb the tower, you should make sure that the weather is not too cold, as they won't let you go upstairs when there is ice!

    Julia :)

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