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Hi, I am from Ukraine and looking for people interested to import anything from Ukraine.
I can help you in search of required product supplier, help you to establish business process with ukrainian companies, find any required information and statistics etc.
I have an experience in import/export sphere so it will be useful.

Anybody interested - post messages with your contacts below or send me private messages, will answer you.


  • Arnaud Gottgens

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    +971 505285900

    Arnaud Gottgens

  • Arnaud Gottgens

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    Hallo Salam
    20 years’ experience Tour Guide Driver to 5 stars Hotels, Customer Sales service Excellent communication and negotiation skills ideally in multiple languages
    4y Hospital assistant
    1y BTS Tourism school
    4 y Club Med Hotels Resorts 5 stars
    15y Tour Guide Driver Van - Limo, Careem, Uber
    1y Dubai Helping Hands & Sales broker Agent

    I am seeking a Customer Sales service & Hosptality Job.
    I speak Eng., German, Spanish, Italian, and learn Arabic
    Thank you for your ideas suggestions.
    Salam 35 y driving exp as in 200 countries 6 languages historical research to science
    Thank you for getting in contact.
    Thank you see you soon.

    I kindly ask you to find attached my CV

    Professional experiences
    2019 Dubai Helping Hands & Sales Broker Agent
    2018 Self-employed - WORLD Service Tours Uber, Careem
    2015 Customer sales service
    2012 Pre Mohammad-History to Modern Political Science
    2009 Alfayed Group the Ritz – Grand & Hotel Crillon
    2001 Guide & Gentle Organizer Club Med resorts 5 stars Italy - Spain
    1999 Lufthansa flying pole agent - World Expo Event Host DZT Germany
    1997 Jobs Hotel in New York
    1995 Diploma of Tourism EPS - Germany
    1987 Civil Services Retirement Homes & Hospitals, Geriatrics, Psychiatry
    I remain at your position to meet you.
    +971 505 285 900 what’s up or BOTIM
    Arnaud Gottgens

  • Arnaud Gottgens

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    Arnaud Gottgens

    Email Address: [...]
    Cell Phone Number: +971 505 285 900

    1995 Diploma of Tourism EPS - Germany

    Visa Status: Employment Visa


    Designation: Sales Broker Agent
    07/2018 - Present
    Description: I am responsible for sales for sales broker platform like FG FX markets.

    Designation: HR Migration – Dubai
    05/2018 – 07/2018 (2 months)
    Dubai Helping Hands
    Description: I was responsible for Immigration & employment services.

    Designation: CIO Company Owner
    2003 - 2018 (15 years)
    World Service Tours
    Description: My role as a company owner in this company is to manage guided tours & also manage their hotel reservation, transportation, sightseeing, schedule, restaurants, popular attractions etc.

    Designation: Guide & Gentle Organizer – Italy/Spain
    2001 – 2005
    Club Med Resorts 5 Starts
    Description: As a guide I was responsible to manage the complete activities of the clients, which included, food catering, different fun and games.

    Good Presentation Skills
    Fluent in 6 Languages
    Excellent Communication Skills
    Critical Thinking
    Quick Adaptabilities
    Good Command of MS Office

    Arabic (Beginner)

  • Arnaud Gottgens

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    I have contacted all employment , companies , agencies , HR's NO result for a Job can you help URGENT

    Hallo can you give me Ideas help assistence propostions how i have to do
    i search a European Language little arabic Customer service Sales or creation of a smallbuisness job in Baghdad ect
    Arnaud Gottgens
    Excellent communication and negotiation skills ideally in multiple languages
    Looking for int
    European Multilingual Communication customer service sales telephone operator Job

    I wrote to almost all existing HR of al companies or goverments recruitment agencies about 1000 tads existing no results please assist me ,i am there to help also thank you
    ca n you refer my cv to HR's or companies
    Please can you tell me
    with German passport and ID
    is there int or local companies that provide Work visa and accommodation
    with it am i aloud to rent a room on monthly bases
    Can i convert my drivers license into Iraq Driver permit
    What else do i need to provide
    Thank you if you can recommend my int companies that
    Hallo can you give me Ideas help assistance propositions of companies that need Excellent communication and negotiation skills ideally in multiple languages
    Guest relations
    HR resources
    Communication operation mgr.
    Telephone operator
    Customer Service Mgr.
    or NGO positions
    or Driver jobs

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