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Hi, I'm Martin from Argentina and I'm looking for information of any kind about getting a working visa in order to get to Chisinau. I want to be with my girlfriend and we spent the last two years without seeing each other and we only want to be together. I'm a Spanish/English book translator working online.

Since the company cannot help me with having working papers to get to Moldova, I'm unable to move from here. I was ready to go to Chisinau by the end of March but the COVID thing got me completely stuck and since then I'm trying to find information of any kind but there's nothing out there. Any info will be much appreciated. If there's any chance to get there, if someone can help to get there I'm completely ready to go since mid March.

Thanks to anyone who can throw some light on this. We truly don't know what to do and i miss her so much. I have a place to stay, I plan to move there and work there and stay there, so I plan to start doing all the paperwork i need for a residency. I'm learning Romanian as well and I plan to master the language as soon as possible. I'm not so good talking about myself, but in case it may be useful:

I'm a musician, graphic designer, audio / video editor, recording, mixing, mastering. Waiter, chef, translator, photographer, filmmaker. Thanks to all of you again and i truly hope to have any help, i miss her with all of my heart.


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