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Best way to find a Dutch friend. Advice please!

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I’m trying to find a Dutch friend from Amsterdam I met in 1973 in Lloret De Mar in Spain. We kept in contact until the mid 90’s but I have since lost her address after moving city. My name was Karen Ellis before I married - from Liverpool.
Her name -Monique Lebelle but she married in the 80’s and was known
as Monique Bakker- Lebelle - although she may be divorced now as many of us are!
She lived with her family in Amsterdam -Jan Evertsenstraat, Mercatorplein which I visited in the mid 70’s. I last saw her in the Netherlands in the mid 80’s and she was living outside of Amsterdam with her husband who had a son I think.
If anyone can suggest how I might go about contacting her, that would be wonderful,
Thank you

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