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opening a business in pakistan

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Hi, I am interested in opening a business in Pakistan in the next few months looking for new business ideas and guide to what is easy to set up. any ideas please email me on [...] .



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    like contract of building based paint( coal) ....& a lot of type....if u join me i can help u in constraction business

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    firts u select ur business then place & every thing that is important for ur business.... i have a lot of ideas of business & i can support you if u r intersted.... i just need a financial partner for my aimed business ....thanks
    Muhammad sarmad

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    i want to start construction business in Pakistan, or any business idea with an investment of 2 or 3 million pkr, but the returns should be good.


  • I can support you

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    Setting up a business is not easy and you need to evaluate many areas before setting up including, products, solutions and/or service offered, industry or target market, market potential, and most importantly what you will offer that can secure you market share with time. Complete realistic business case needs to be in place. Once you have implemented a complete SWOT analysis and understand exactly what you want to do, only then should you consider opening a business especially in a difficult market like Pakustan. Having said this their are areas in which you can capitalize, only if you have done your homework, set solid business goals, objectives, milestones and vision. Let me know if i can help any further, as i also have some ideas where we could possibly work together. Where are you based???



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