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Please, help: Project for Students going to Poland

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Hello everyone,

We are three Catalan students who have applied for a scholarship to go on Erasmus to Poland. We would appreciate if you could help us to answer some questions so that we can be prepared for the trip.

The first thing that we need to know is the basic customs so that we can integrate well with the rest of the students. Also we need to know a little bit about the language, how to say hello, how to say thank you and more things such as these.

In Catalonia, it is very typical to eat potatos omelette, and bread with tomatoes, oil and salt. We want to know what are the traditional meals, to prepare them one day or try them. Also we want to know the schedules of the city, that is to say, when do bars open at night?, when do classes start? and when do classes finish at highschool?

In Barcelona the weather is very Mediterranean, that is to say, in summer it is very hot and in winter it's cold, but not much. In spring the problem is that there is a lot of pollen, because the flowers flourish, and some people suffer from allergies for this reason. This is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year everything is very beautiful with the flowers and the birds flying. How is the weather there?

And finally, we have looked for information and have seen that a very typical Polish dish is called Pierogi. Would you please tell us if it is easy to find and where we can find it?

We are already looking forward to going there!

Thanks for all!

Toni, Carla & Joel

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