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Free International Calls on Mobiles? Is that possible

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Well I thought not, but I got a number from them and guess what I actually made a free call.

Check it out

  • Vai al profilo di Anastazja Krynicka

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    Vippie is the best app to call abroad fo free or pay few cents a minute. You can call for free to US and Canada to any number, so what can be better?

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    via skype

  • Vai al profilo di masud Rana

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    i have to international calls every day. Everyday i spent lots of money to call my relatives. it was really painful to me. Finally one of my friend suggest me a card which really support for cheap international calls. I am really grateful to my friend. I will also suggest them who have to call outside of there country. Thanks

  • Vai al profilo di lily smith

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    yesdial? The things ddup said.
    Does anyone else heard that?

  • Vai al profilo di li jiesong

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    Many of my friends use skype while I started to use yesdial about one year ago,and I have recently noticed a rapid increase use of yesdial around me .Well, it's quite cheap. It costs only 0.2p/min to call back to China and now I am in UK.

  • Vai al profilo di lily smith

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    i like all the things free.
    but it seems impossible.

  • Vai al profilo di ddup song

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    the suggestion was really good which i have tried.but i also have an another good way that i used to use, e.i. Yesdial, there are many ways you can choose to use, believe you can find the way suitable to you! here is the site.

  • Vai al profilo di m m

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    calls to 50 dest
    im using it and it works well 4 me

  • Vai al profilo di sally roth

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    Phonekall offering cheap international calls.

    For information visit:

  • Ava Jackson

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    Inclusive international calls is fast, easy and the CHEAPEST service to make international calls from the UK to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and countless countries.
    Now you can make the Cheapest International Calls from ANY UK mobile, including O2, Orange, T-Mobile and any other UK mobile phone network. If you want to take an advantage of our cheap international calls service but don't have a mobile phone, you can make the cheap inclusive International Calls from UK landlines as well.
    Inclusive international calls are committed to provide the best telecoms service to the UK people.

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