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What is Modular Construction?

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Modular Construction is a process that uses different modules which are manufactured in a factory. The Modular Buildings are transported to your site on completion, ready for assembly, craned into position.
They can be stacked or placed side-by-side to create a larger space.

There are two types of Modular Construction; Relocatable and Permanent.

Relocatable Modular Buildings – These are a building that is usually completely assembled off-site. They are designed to be reused or repurposed numerous times, transported to different sites and locations.
They can be fitted with different interior and exterior finishes. They are manufactured in less time than traditional construction methods and on-site building projects.

Examples of how these are used are; schools, site offices, healthcare, salesrooms. Therefore these types of buildings offer fast delivery, easily situated in your location, cost-effective and expansive flexibility. A temporary building is ideal for a client who needs immediate space, quick construction and delivery and the ability to relocate when necessary.

Permanent Modular Buildings – These are a sustainable and innovative construction method. It uses off-site manufacturing techniques to be pre-fabricate either a single or a multi-storey building. They can be integrated onto an existing building or can stand alone as a turn-key solution.

The benefits are; Speed of the build, Instant Space provided, Cost-effective, Health and safety for staff due to less traffic on site, Quality of the build and the Sustainability.

There are also many uses for Modular Buildings:

Education – Often schools have budget and time deadlines to meet. Modular Construction can provide a cost-effective solution due to the versatility, design choices and efficiency. They supply instant space for an ever-growing school population.

Office space – Modular construction can help you to expand, relocate and gives you the flexibility for your business. Some offices spaces may be needed to expand a current office or used for a brand new office.

Healthcare – As the need for health care grows, a Modular or Portable Building is a fast way to accommodate a community’s need.

Retail – Modular or Portable Buildings are a quick solution for either a start-up business or a growing business. As they are built to the clients’ specifications, they can be kept within a budget.

Self Storage – These are a safe way to store your belongings as they are built with good quality materials and to last.

At Spacemaker we have over 30 years experience in manufacturing many different Modular and Portable Buildings. We will be able to help you throughout the whole process from enquiry to delivery. So together, let’s build something great.

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