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    Dont help criminals of any nationality to fool you. Just don't send orgive money

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    My advice for those who are worried to be fooled by a girl of any nationality, don't send or give money to girls that you just met and hardly know, especially don't do it if she asks for the money from you :) You should only give money to a girl with whom you already communicate for quite a long time and only if you do not feel any pressure from her side. This will be prudent I think. :) Be wise and do not get blind, and the most important, don't be scared, This is not necessary that you will inevitably meet a bad person. :) Its life, bad things happen as well as good ones :)

    I also want to add the facts regarding the original question, not all the Russian girls want to marry foreign m en.Moreover some of them never want to marry any foreign man and search only for Russian. I think the same is true about girls or men of any other nationality.

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