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Hello people, i am new in the city, do u have some places regularly visited by expats? Places to go day and night ? Any advice comment is welcomed, thx in advance!

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    Hello, you can find some information here
    But with housing more difficult, it is necessary to look for it is in Perm or with someone local. May I ask, for what purpose your husband travels for so long in Perm? If you have more specific questions - ask, do not hesitate.

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    Hi, I just realized that it is very difficult to find in the internat any information about expats in Perm or the city itself. Maybe you have some hints for me. My husband is moving to Perm for one year and I would like to help him as much as I can, like finding an apartment etc.


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    Greetings, I from Perm. I don't think that we in a city have such places where foreigners from Europe gather. If it is interesting to you to learn something more concrete about Perm - set questions, I with pleasure will answer them.

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