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New members - Introduce yourself!

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Have you just joined our community? Then take a couple of minutes to introduce yourself to our other members! What are you doing in Spain? What are you looking for in the community? And what are your ideas of how we can improve the Spain community?

We hope you enjoy the Just Landed as much as we do. Good luck in Spain!

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    I'm Cristina and i'm here to find a job around Spain but also to make friends.

  • Léa Renicce

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    Hola Laura,
    como es Madrid? Busco espanoles para mejorar mi espanol. Me he quedado 2 meses y media en Marbella el ano pasado y me encanta el pais.
    Si quieres hablar...

    Léa de Francia.

  • Maya Habee

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    Hi everyone! I've just registered here. This place looks pretty interesting. I'm from Malaysia, looking for new friends and wanna try a new language, if possible.

    Nice to meet you!

  • Vai al profilo di Angel Caido

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    I am here just to imprube my english and make some fun.
    by the way, that Just Landed forum is better than the old one, which was a permanent war.

  • Catalina Marquez

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    Can somebody get rid of this irritating dragon please???

    Just jokin ;)

  • ishaq kk

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    real.y. .ur .so. .luck.y. .i.. ..m.ean. .t.o.. .i..n.. .m.adrid ...n.o.t. .l.i.k.e .m.e . !!!!!. .so. .h..o.w .u. fo.u.n.d .i.t ..

  • Gerard Vidal

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    Hello to everyone! I am from Tortosa (Tarragona). I have been living abroad during the last year. I was 5 months working in Dublin and 6 months as a Erasmus student in Belgium. Honestly, I am missing the multicultural environments right now! I would like to meet nice and open minded people! It would be a pleasure for me helping you as a native (Spanish, Catalan, showing you around, where to find good parties... :P). Cheers!

    Hol@! Soy de Tortosa (Tarragona). Despues de haber estado trabajando 5 meses en Dublin y 6 meses como estudiante Erasmus en Belgica echo de menos el ambiente multicultural! Me gustaria conocer gente abierta y divertida. Seria un placer poder ayudaros como nativo. Un saludo!

  • Laura Jimenez

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    Soy nueva en la comunidad. Os cuento un poco, soy española pero he vivido varios años fuera de España, dos en Dublín y casi cinco en Alemania, Nürnberg ( una ciudad encantadora). Ahora he vuelto a Madrid, ya para quedarme y no me gustaría perder el contacto con gente de otros países. Asique si necesitáis algo, o queréis quedar sea para aprender español o simplemente para hacer algo, ya sabéis donde estoy!!

    Hallo, ich bin neu hier!! Ich bin Spanierin aber habe mehrere Jahre in Ausland gelebt, zwei Jahre in Dublin und fast 5 Jahre in Deutschland, Nürnberg (eine wünderschöne Stadt). Jetzt bin ich nach Madrid ziurückgekommen und werde schon hier bleiben, möchte aber nicht den Kontakt mit Leuten von anderen Ländern verlieren, also falls ihr was braucht, Spanisch lernen oder einfach was unternehmen möchtet sag mir mal bescheid!!
    Ich bin aber auch offen für berufliche Herausforderungen !!

    Hello, I’m new in the comunity!! I`m spanish but I have lived abroad some years, 2 years in Dublin and almost 5 years in Germany, Nürnberg ( a wonderfull place). Now i`m back in Madrid and want to stay here, but I don`t want to loose the contact with people from others countries, so let mi know in case you need something, want to learn spanisch or just meet.

  • Kelly hu

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    it's a comprehensive community here. Maybe there are so much information, I need to adjust it well. nice to know everyone here.

  • Nasism Malik

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    Hi Julia
    i am nasim here, i am also living here, in madrid,i am a fun loving and
    cool going person, likes to go out for friends, and makes new friend from
    other Nationalities, looking forward
    bye bye

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