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My name is Luis carlos'm 39 years old I live in Portugal and would like a chance to work. Anyone entreçado to help here is my email [...]. do all the work tiler Portuguese sidewalk painting houses know how to work with machines excavators actually I would like a chance to grow a little more life in Portugal since seen that this poor getting more naked field jobs. And since you're reading my text and thinking which leads me to come to this social environment asking help. In fact the American dream. If by chance anyone reading this text I thanked my little comment if it is not asking too much, I wanted to know how to be able to work naked United States. I pray to God that the person who is reading this has a pure heart and can give me the information I want. Thank you in advance for your time reading this deposed my text. In Portugal 17 -10-2013 Carlos Brás 00351910090245

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