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Moving to Gauteng - Is it a good Idea?

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My husband is from Gauteng but we currently live in the UK. We would like to move to Gauteng next year but I have never lived in SA and I am very worried about safety and crime.

Where in Gauteng is safe to live, low crime rate, security? I have heard about the estates and a friend suggested Fourways.

I would truely appreciate any suggestions, tips, where not to go to etc.

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    South Africa is a great place to be ,is a democratic country where every creature has a right ,
    Crime is not the thing that can label South Africa as a high risk place to be .There is crime in South Africa
    like other countries,you need to move around and meet with different kinds of people ,positive ,negative .poor ,rich ,white ,black etc ,by doing that you won`t even think of crime as a dangerious thing to you and your family.But if you isolate yourself you will feel South Africa as a hot oven.

    All the best
    Enjoy South Africa

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    je vous invite a venir en algerie lieu que de partir en Afrique ici chez c'est la sécurité total je vous reçois avec plaisir

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