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Living here for 3 years now

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And I can truly say that

1) Swiss insurance companies are worse than the mafia
2) Swiss telecom (any of them) are worse than the mafia
3) TCS is a terrible on the admin side and worse than the mafia
4) Amid the stress of work life and the boredom of everyday living, you have to remember renewal dates (ie tcs, insurances, etc). They will not bother you to remind you of renewal dates (in case you want to anul a service). Thus, automatically once that date has gone by, you are enrolled for another year. You cannot desist. That is worse than organized crime! At least with organized crime, there is room for negociations!!! In CAnada or USA, you can desist, pro-rated that is.
5) Prices are always higher than in France even when the exchange rates would make you believe that the swiss corporations would be fair on this issue. They are not. Buy your food in France when you can. Even if you make 200,000+chf/year, it is good to know a) you have a wider selection in FR and b) you get to save serious money on beef cuts, eggs, pasta, etc.
6) Emil Frey, Coop and Migros control the country : Cartel Power (price and product control)
7) Service in most industries is an absolute 'ZERO'. I prefer going to France where at least I know what to expect!!
8) Everything costs... I mean everything! being the proud owner of a dog, you will be taxed (yearly) and for what??? Just because they issue dung baggies at garbage bins???!!! The problem is that people make decent money in the Suisse Romande region. Because of that, corporations and social services figure that they can legally permit themselves to overcharge you. Problem is that Swiss people love to complain - in a social environment (God they LOVE to complain) - but will never raise their voice or their fists. Things don't move here because the swiss is afraid of change and afraid to move out of the 'comfort zone'.
9) Businesses shut down during lunch hours and close at 18h30... so forget acquiring your goods during the week (if you work for a company). You would imagine that a 'capitalist' (pun intended) corporation would undestand that they would make a shitload more cash if they stayed open till 9pm and allow people to be able to shop after work. Perhaps there is a civil/legal issue in this matter but the corporations could change this... they have enough power to do so! I guess the owners are too rich to care. This country is stuck between old and new values. That is not unlike many other countries or regions (ie Andalucia) but at least in Spain you can shop until 9 or 10pm!
10) At my age, clubs are a no-no but in general going out is simply and utterly boring. Obviously one has to make his or her own fun but the ambiance is important. Here, most are working zombies. If you decide to go out a club or simply have a 15 yo whiskey in a bar, expect to pay between 17 to 25 francs for it. That is abnormal even if you make decent revenues. Bar, club and restaurant owners have higher wages to pay-out but it does not mean they have to rob you ... with a smile. If they focused more on good marketing for their businesses, they could lower the prices of their products due to a higher volume of patrons. I dont know but something is wrong here and I am no marketing wizard to the hospitality industry. BTW, advertising companies in Switzerland have a long way to go!!!
11) Expect accidents on the A1 every morning. Take the train!!! It is healthier, better for the environment and 'zero' danger. Swiss and French - on the road - are always in a rush for no reason! If they can be in front of you that's what matters... even if it means taking useless driving risks! Expect accidents everyday on the A1. A lot of idiots on this road.

On the positive side, Swiss are nice people after you get to know them (which will take 12 to 18 months) but dont expect to get invited to their residence. Nice views of the mountains. A few other things belong in the positives and they make it worth while to live here.

No country is perfect, no region is perfect. What makes the difference is what you do and how you handle issues. Switzerland can be a lot of fun... once you forget about all the hypocrisy that rules this land! Ok I am exagerrating a little!

  • Edgar Alain S.

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    ...qu'il y a des choses qui ne fonctionnent pas satisfaisante ici. Mais en comparaison par example avec les pays de l'amerique du sud, ou les pays d'Europe sud, ou les pays de l'Europe de l'est (Russe, Bulgarie, Romanie) vous avez ici une certaine certitude de droit. Il ne faut pas "de l'argent spéciale" si vous voulez chercher votre permis de conduire, il ne faut pas payer du pot de vin pour obetenir des documents. Si vous roulez trop vite il y a une amende, mais pas une chantage de la part de la police etc.etc. I am not a special "fan" of my country but I have problems with people who literally "seek" problems and disadvantages. If I were so unsatisfied as you are, I would not stay here, even as an owner of a company. When you find a "better" country you can move your enterprise, we are living in a global world, d'ont we? I wish you a little more patience and calmness, composure and respect. With these you will live well here....and anywhere else.

  • Vai al profilo di V. V. Enriques

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    As I wrote... not everything is bad. Second, I never said it was 'so terrible' but it can be frustrating to be in this country! Il y a de bonnes choses comme il y a des choses qui m'agacent, mais ce n'est pas assez pour me convaincre de quitter. Third, I have 2 companies that I cannot depart from; and lastly, I love my girlfriend and I have to respect her career choices. To tell you the truth, she is the one that wants to leave and she is swiss but her career is here for now.

    Trust me I do look at the airplanes but the good things outweigh the negatives! Perhaps I did not elaborate enough on the positives, but yesterday a discussion with a customer service rep ticked me off and the water spilled over the rim.


  • Edgar Alain S.

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    If it's so terrible here, why do you stay? There are trains and airplanes EVERY day, ok I am understating a little...

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