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    Je ne comprends pas bien...

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    I have the utmost respect for everyone. Coming from a humatirian background, working with underprivilidged children from the streets, trying to do the best for children and adults in rehab (non drug related) working with gang members, rapists,etc. So please do not talk to me about respect. Respect to me is the most important term after caring. I think you might have misjudged and stigmatised my message without really reading it. It does not disrespect anynone... unless you are in the insurance, telecom industries (where I am just saying that their policies are worse than the mafia... I think that is what got to you as you are in that field of work!! :-) and lastly if you happen to be one of the morning idiots driving at 160km/h to get to the office... often creating accidents. If you read my message, there is no lack of respect towards Swiss people. No need to be defensive here!! If you are not driving at 160km/h to get to the office, then this message does not concern you.

    I Love your country... Switzerland offers the best comforts... just like I love many places where I have lived. I can even criticize Montreal & Toronto hugely

    We are entitled to criticize but it does not mean we want to move away from it. To go on vacation is different from living as a citizen in a host country. All I did was put on paper what I have witnessed here.

    Ciao tutti

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