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    Living here for 3 years now

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    As I wrote... not everything is bad. Second, I never said it was 'so terrible' but it can be frustrating to be in this country! Il y a de bonnes choses comme il y a des choses qui m'agacent, mais ce n'est pas assez pour me convaincre de quitter. Third, I have 2 companies that I cannot depart from; and lastly, I love my girlfriend and I have to respect her career choices. To tell you the truth, she is the one that wants to leave and she is swiss but her career is here for now.

    Trust me I do look at the airplanes but the good things outweigh the negatives! Perhaps I did not elaborate enough on the positives, but yesterday a discussion with a customer service rep ticked me off and the water spilled over the rim.


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