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My Experience in the 60s

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I wonder how I couldn’t turn younger back to the 60s-. I might regret getting old now as I’ve good legacy and knowledge still fresh to deliver to the young and still unborn. I could refresh to days we play and gather round for riddles and jokes, Community gaming and gathering that brought us feelings of Onceness. The days we have our friends from other countries visit us or we do for learning. Oh God I imagine if those days were full of holy ones only and no seeds were poisoned. Now this days , I regret seeing this generation languishing in either poor or diploma level of no future achieves . We worked hard, and we made it happened in good channels thus fore seeing the future for over 300 years. In just a min time now we fear our lives for Pandemics. Business all taken from our experts, indoors for a whole world and I lament when I should go see my old mates of the 60s, would it just by online or some other mediums. Plsss comment is you’re of the 60s

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