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Getting married in Venezuela - documentation questions

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I'm moving to Venezuela in a few months to marry my fiance. To the US citizens who have gotten married in Venezuela, I have a couple questions about the documents needed.

This is what the the local authority that will handle the civil ceremony said are the required documents for me to have. I'm trying to get them together now and send them to my fiance.

1) documento de nacimiento (birth certificate, easy)
2) una carta de solteria (what the heck is this? internet searches have turned up a huge array of different things, basically settling on a "a letter proving you're single". I know what this is and how to get it if I was living in Venezuela... but how do I get this here in the USA? )
3) passport (fedex a copy for pre-wedding records, bring the original with me)

And here's the part where my confusion really kicks in: "estos documentos debes traducirlos con un traductor certificado y aportillado por el consulado." WHO has to do the translating? a specific subset of "certified translators IN venezuela"?? What kind of "certification" stamps is the venezuelan offical looking to see???? "aportillado por el consulado" - which consulate? who? From my internet research I've learned how to do this in Venezuela, but not how to get these stamps here in the USA where I am presently.

Thanks in advance for the help!

  • Juan Alonso Paez

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    If you are in Venezuela, go to the US embassy, and ask them for advice on the drafting of these documents. Remember that the bilateral relations between both countries are very bad. And anything could worsen the process.

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    Those documents you will have to get translated into Spanish by a translator who's certified (or recognized) by any of the Venezuelan embassies in the United States. Just get in contact with the nearest Venezuelan embassy and they will give you probably a list of so called Official Translator that could help you out.

    I hope it helps you.


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