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Is life "green" in Venezuela?

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Do a lot of people in Venezuela think it important to recycle, reduce, and reuse products? Is it more so than other countries (for example, Ecuador, Peru, or Spain)?

Do you recycle? Which do you think is themost important, reducing, reusing, or recycling?

  • Isabel Lopez

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    Hello Jonah, there is not really a green culture in Venezuela. I think it's because we have other worries and as sad as it sounds the general population does not have time to be ecologically aware. With the criminality rates in raise, the internal economy issues and social uncertainness, the green question is just not the main issue here.
    Also our culture has never treated that as a serious question. For example, it is normal to see someone throwing garbage out of a moving car (absolutely disgusting) or a mother telling their child to throw away the wrapper of the chocolate they just ate in the middle of the street just because she doesn't like to carry around trash. And as Arturo said plastic bags are free and people are not aware of what recycling is, we are more of a consumerist country, and are still very immature about the effects of our actions on the environment.
    Personally, i hate that and i always tell people not to do it, but it's kind of a cultural thing, i guess we are not catching up with the "green wave" just yet.

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